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Magret is duck breast and is usually cooked in the oven, seasoned with sweet and sour flavors.
We leave you with this simple recipe.

Ingredients for 2 baked portions:
– 2 units of duck breast
– 1 pinch of coarse salt
– 1 pinch of thyme
– 1 pinch of condiments

Estimated time: 30 minutes.

Spread the breasts with a little salt on both sides.
Next, seal the meat over a very high heat for 2 minutes, so that a crust forms and thus its juices are not lost..
Place the duck breast in a baking dish and marinate to taste, for example with thyme and mustard seeds.
Turn the duck fat-side up and place the pan in the middle/top of the oven.
Program 12 minutes at 180º.
Finally remove the meat from the oven, make vertical cuts and add coarse salt.
It can be combined with sweet fruit sauces or jam.

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