Your trusted butcher shop in the Mercado del Olivar

We are a different chicken shop, close to its customers, who know and make their needs our goal. We work only with fresh and natural products to prepare our homemade products, which are of the highest quality. For this we do not use preservatives and all the elaborations are made day by day. Our meals prepared in Palma de Mallorca are easy to cook and, above all, exquisite on the palate.

The best fresh meat in Mallorca and prepared meals

Our absolute dedication to the excellence and quality of our products as well as the attention to our customers have contributed to our good work over the years. And now, with the same desire to continue improving day by day, we welcome you to our website, where you can buy meat online in Mallorca. More comfortable and faster for you.

We are specialists in chickens and birds. For this reason, and thanks to this specialization, we only offer products brought from the best producers and from them, the best specimens.

Quality and guarantee

We have a wide variety of products, as well as a wide range of meals prepared for direct use in the kitchen: Gordón Blue, meatballs, hamburgers, chicken croquettes, spinach, cod, cannelloni, lasagna, chicken nuggets, flamenquines… With the best meat in Mallorca.

Come and discover the specialties that we devise and prepare for your comfort. We want to facilitate the preparation of the daily menu. We mix more traditional flavors; we make top quality products every day; We make pre-cooked dishes so that you save time without losing flavor and quality… all designed to turn everyday cooking into a show and delight yourself with our dishes at your table.